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Our Mission

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HearticalFM is a totally non-commercial, non-profit community enterprise that provides a platform for reggae selectors & listeners from around the world to commune in music and its upful messages. Discarding the idea of webradio 'ownership' & its commercial implications, our vision is of a cooperative, shared effort for the betterment of all in unity & equality. Each one teach one...

The Heartical vision grew out of the recent break up of the amazing the 'conscious station'.

Puppa Slengy, Paul Rootsical, Binghy-I-Man & Shikydraks have been banging heads and the idea just evolved, a natural progression... 

So long live rastfm but forward HearticalFM - a new chapter >>> Putting music 1st again!

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Reggae artists & labels everywhere contact us for support & livication and we will gladly lend a hand with promotion wherever possible.

Give thanks for the works family...May 2020

We are working to keep the site safe & ad-free but it comes at a cost (mad world innit!). We'd therefore always fully i-preciate any donations from the crew & any other friendly irie-ites out deh however small.

More love Artikal people... 🙏🙏🙏❤️💛💚

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