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Sista Ahmes Roots Travel 7-9pm UK/8-10pm France (every 2 weeks)
Martin I
Babylon Must Fall 9-11pm UK/3pm Ecuador


Messian Dread Riddims & Sounds/Radio Dubroom 6-8pm UK/19-21h. Amsterdam Time
or: Selekta Rev Bishop Yesehaq Sound System 6-8pm UK/19-21h. Amsterdam Time
Bingy-I-Man Reggae Roots Revival 8-10pm UK/21-23h. Tunesia (Every 2 weeks)
African Vibes 8-10pm UK/21-23h Italy (1st Tue of month)
Don Anxelmo Monyaka 8-10pm UK/21-23h Spain (Last Tue of month)


Wednesday Replay 7 pm Jamaica/1am UK
King David  Haul an' Pull Up 7pm Jamaica/1am UK (every 2 weeks)
00imo Rainbow Country 9pm Jamaica/3am UK (every 2 weeks)
other weeks, other shows...

Wednesday Replay 7 pm Japan/11am UK
King David  Haul an' Pull Up 7 pm Japan/11am UK (every 2 weeks)

00imo Rainbow Country 9 pm Japan/1pm UK (every 2 weeks)
other weeks, other shows...

Fadda Byr Royal Warriors Muzik 5-6pm UK/12-1pm Martinique

Original Irie Put On Your Skanking Shoes 6-8.30pm UK/19-21.30h. France
(3th Wed of month)
Tyff Aya Sound Roots Nutty Roots 6-8pm UK/19-21h. France (Every 2 weeks)

Karl Kenyatta & Ziontist Smokey Room 8-10pm UK/ 21-23h. Germany (every 2 weeks)
Roots Rocket Late Night Blues 8.30-10.30pm UK/21.30-23.30h. Germany (every 2 weeks)


Selecta Kty I Love Sound Station 5-7pm UK/18-20h. France
HaffiRun Jah Prophecy Sound
7-9pm UK /20-22h. France


King David Haul an' Pull Up 6-8pm UK/19-21h. Germany (Every 2 weeks)
13 Hertz Party 6-8pm UK/19-21h. France (Every 2 weeks)
00imo Rainbow Country 8-10pm UK/21-23h. Italy (Every 2 weeks)
Tufty G
Blues Dancehall 8-10pm UK (Every 2 weeks)


Dr. Roots Roots Cypher Show 8-10am UK/9-11h. CET/12am-2am EST (USA)
Brixton Rat
Me Bike No License 5-7pm UK
King David Ital Breakfast Radio Show 10-1pm UK/11-14h. Germany
(2nd Sat of month)

                                         just check into chat 1st
   Informal sessions by Shikydraks Live and Give Sessions California
                                                 and others


Jaz Paz & Senem 12V Mini Sound System 11-1pm UK/12-14h. Italy
Dr. Roots
Roots Cypher Show (Replay) 3-5pm UK/16-18h. CET/10am-12pm EST (USA)
Jahyouth I&I Reggae Massive 5-7pm UK/18-20h. France
King Zois Wicked Sunday Sessions 20-22h. France/7-9pm UK

HearticalFM radio150.jpg

Heartical Crew

Messian Dread (Netherlands)

dubroom 1.jpg

Next to his bi-weekly shows on Tuesday, Messian Dread is also part of the Heartical FM support group where he takes care of uploading and scheduling pre-recorded shows. He's a strong supporter of the independant, non-commercial nature of Heartical FM.

Website      Forum      Twitter

Riddims And Sounds From Dubroom Selector.jpg

From his Dubroom studio based in Fryslân (Netherlands), Messian Dread has been releasing his own productions and that of others online since 1997. He also produces Radio shows with an emphasis on Dub and Discomixes. Consciousness is another clear motivation the Dubroom Dread has in all he releases and publishes.

Messian Dread

Selekta Rev from the -authorized- Bishop Yesehaq Sound System bringing you positive and upfull vibes from the 60's until present times. The selections more often than not come with exclusive Dub Plates of which Rev has access to via Ton van Arnhem who has many.

The sound has played at Shashamane Land and carries the name of the Bishop sent by H.I.M. to Jamaica as representant of the Ethiopian Church. Bishop Yesehaq has personally authorized Bishop Yesehaq Sound System.


Bishop Yesehaq Sound System (Netherlands)



Binghy I-Man is a Roots promoter & reggae selekter coming from Tunisia on the Top Of Africa fighting babylon vampiyaz' by spreadin' the Rastaman Vibration all ova the world. Former Rastfm radio resident selektor, active member of the HearticalFM crew & member of the Roaring Lionz. My show the Reggae Roots Revival is broadcast live every other Tuesday 20h-22h Uk time. Catch all my recorded radio sessions on my mixcloud page.



Binghy I Man
On Air Sign

Tufty G got into Reggae Music as a young lad in the late 60’s. As his mother was a youth club leader he would hear the latest Reggae at the time. He started as a bedroom DJ in the early 70’s. Then started playing out in 1978, in  Werl, Germany. Reggae Music is his love. As it is the only music that deals with life’s issues. Tufty has DJ’ed on the following sound systems: Soul Explosion, Masterblastermuzik (Surrey’s 1st Reggae Sound System), Fyne Tymes Sound, Fire Lion, Roughneck HiFi, Hustlers HiFi, Skirmish Sound, Unrulee Rockers International.

Record Player
SR2019B 400.jpg
siamrootsical logo new 1.jpg

Paul Rootsical
Reggae enthusiast since the early 80s, blogger & selector in the UK & Thailand. Reggae DJ in Bangkok 1991-94, London and more recently selector on Kaleidoscope HiFi Bradford. The Siamrootsical blog was established in 2009 to big up Jamaican & Thai artists & to help push the conscious vibes. Host of the Friday Night Rewind Show on rastfm & HearticalFM #LoveReggaeMusic Forward in oneness ❤️💛💚

siamroots banner .jpg
00 siamroots fridays.jpg
paul rooti.jpg
Paul Rootsical

Reggae vinyl lover from Poland, his session are, like Paul Roostical said, "pure lighting and thunder". I love to play heavyweight sessions! Mixed with all styles, wherever the reggae spirit is perceptible :) From the roots & dub to jungle and bass music.
Dubit At The Control

Record Player

Ziontist & Karl Kenyatta 
Reggae and dub selectors out of Berlin, better known as Behold and Live Soundsystem. We were part of various underground soundsystem activities in and around Berlin since 2007, trying to promote roots and dub music in its various styles and forms from heartical roots music to mad digital styles, minimal dubs and heavy steppers. But besides the big speaker boxes culture, where we sometimes have to fight hard to survive in a big city, there was always a passion for mixtape sessions in our own yards. Free of any stress or pressure, here we can deal with the music more personally, just spending a good time in a
smokey room!

smokey room crew.JPG

Fadda Byr  Originaire des 3 Ilets en Martinique , commence par l'école des Sound systems puis se forme à l'Ifas (Institut de Formation aux Arts et Spectacles)  de Martinique et crée l'association Royal Warriors Muzik qui deviendra plus tard la plateforme et label RwMuZiK.Com (Bhy2r, Silversean , Elvys , Apach , Jah Van I , Djama Keita , Wouaganska , Al'k...) le concept de l'émission " ROYAL WARRIORS MUZIK
SOUND & PRODUCTIONS " est de ne jouer que ce qu'ils
produisent pendant 2h , Roots Rock Reggae Dancehall Hip hop
Traditional music , Artistes Peyi , Collaborations Caraïbe
Internationales , Live Concert , Dubplates , Remix....
Powered by

Vinyl Player
brixton rat BNL 2.png

Brixton Rat Me Bike No License
Revival specialist broadcasting live outta Kyiv, Ukraine. Was a radio dj & host on Tilos FM Hungary & Engineer, musician, soundman & selector in the UK & Holland since the late seventies. Vintage motorcycle enthusiast and roving photographer.
Reggae, ska and ethnic.

mike deck.JPG
Brixton Rat BNL 1A.png
Brixton Rat
Record Player

Sista Fab
Sound system lover since her teens, Sista Fab AKA Blessnlov Selecta has been surfing the reggae wave for many years. Starting as part of the affictioned audience, she soon became an addicted listener and deepened her blazing passion by working in the greatest European and local reggae festivals. She then started played at festivals & venues in South Italy, North France, Belgium, London, Tunisia and organized the “Sistas At The Controls” sessions in Lille (FR) & “Soul Sistas Yard” at Rockers Galore sound system festival (Italy). She also collaborated in making the first Tunis Dub Club and being one of the most active fan/humble helper of UNITY, the first sound system of Tunisia. Originally from Napoli, south Italy, where she just returned, her roots are firmly planted into the whole world. Irie on air on hearticalfm, it's a BLESSNLOV SESSION! Expect a musical trip in reggae muzic with all its nuances!

blessnlov nghtnurse.jpg
soul sistas vibez.jpg

Selector Shikydraks
Sending out rays of light to the world from the Sunshine State, California with the Live and Give Sessions.
Longtime party & festival DJ, radio host and former radio station operator (rastfm).
Rocking good vibrations...
Roots & dub, revival and lovers rock. Music is a vehicle to promote higher consciousness, peace, love, unity, awareness in the struggle and to praise His name. So put on your dancing shoes and let's have a nice time!
The world would be a brighter place if we could all just learn to
Live and Give


Mclox 13 Hertz Party
Take a musical journey with
Selector Mclox as he brings his maverick urban sounds to HearticalFM each weekend. Ranging from ragga/reggae-influenced bassline, jungle, drum N bass & grime to chillout and straight up reggae & dancehall selection. Longtime club DJ/radio host. He is recently back from playing the 2019/20 party season in Goa & currently broadcasting outta France

Empty Stage

Sista Ahmes
I am a selectress rocked by reggae music from a very young age. I met, on my way, many people and artists who developed my culture & understanding of the messages. My deep desire is to express the meditation that I feel when I listen to music in my shows & to share the powerful, humanistic, unifying messages that reggae brings. Humbly with respect for all the creators of music who build their vision, I seek by the force of the subject to elevate my consciousness, my reflection on the world and my spirituality. I also have the pleasure of interviewing artists, to link their creations to their personal history. It’s always a chance to discover that, behind deep music & lyrics, is a person who shares his vision of the world. Meet me for a conscious and vibratory exchange every two Monday in ROOTS TRAVEL

Sista Ahmes
Record Player
roots rocket.png

Roots Rocket
Bringing vibrations of the Berlin Sound System Collectiv to HearticalFM.
I present to you the Late Night Blues sessions.
Good positive reggae music in all its glory, vocal and dubwize.
Special request to conscious people everywhere...


Selecta Kty is an activist in the reggae music movement. Passionate about reggae, roots, ska, rocksteady, rub a dub, digital, dub, soul, jazz, hip hop, funk, afrobeat and world music sounds; she begins by collecting vinyl and organizing parties. Kty has been representing the Women’s Reggae with commitment for more than 15 years and is the founder and director of the ILA ~ I Love Association ~ created in 2019.

Check out the PDF File
for much more information!


Vinyl Player

I arrived from the Indian Ocean (Reunion Island) and am now based in Toulouse. The HAFFIRUN SOUND sound system becomes the JAH PROPHECY SOUND with a new configuration but still the same mission: spreading and propagating a message of love, unity & peace carried through powerful and conscious music. Bless & Love.

HAFFI 1.jpg
HAFFI 2.jpg
HAFFI 3.jpg

Kwe from Music is Healing
Broadcasting from Mt. Shasta country in California selector & musician Kwe brings his original programme concept to HearticalFM on the last Wednesday of each month. A diverse community of singers, players of instruments, visual artists, filmmakers, healers and more. Music is Healing mission is to use music and the web as vehicles to promote a healthy and vibrant community life, amplifying global artists and youth voices as instruments for positive social change. If you are someone creative and committed to promote the message of Unity through Music around the world, consider joining the community! Healing and unity through music. This is the Freedom Hour Radio Show...

12v TheBigSound in a SmallBox at
JahP pon the mic e Senem Uva SoundSystem

Jah Paz & Senem live in South of Italy on the AmalfiCoast where they organize beautiful home-style reggaesessions, amplified by a 12V mini SoundSystem aka "TheBigSound in a SmallBox" built directly in Jamaica by one of the soundculture pioneers. This is just one of the many activities they promote; a lifestyle choice aimed at recovering and enhancing the territory in which they live Abitanti & Viaggiatori/Erchie. ONE STEP FORWARD (J.Diddio). Check our "RastaFarm" Roots Rock Reggae #KitchenSessions. Vinyls only. by one Bless'N'Love JS

Senem on TerraTerra SoundSystem 2020.jpg
JahP e Senem on 12v B'n'S Erchie
Women fi di Groove 1st meeting at home M
martin i 3.jpg

Martin I hails from in Ecuador & has been spinning reggae, dancehall and positive music for over 15 years in South America & in the United States. A member of the Babylon Fall Soundsystem collective playing in clubs, concerts & festivals and organizing parties. The spirit of this system is the people, its essence Caribbean & black rhythm. Martin I is also an active member of the Pachamama family international group of urban artists. Come feel the Latin American reggae scene vibes on HearticalFM... BABYLON MUST FALL!

martin i 1.jpg
martin i 2.jpg
martin i 4.jpg
Martin I
i&i reggae massive.jpg

Selector JahYouth Esperança Sound System
Roots and revival specialist & collector of real authentic Jamaican roots reggae. With well over 500 broadcasts to his name over 14 years this experienced knowledgeable radio host & soundman takes you on a Sunday night journey through the history of this great music and Rastafari culture... JahYouth broadcasts live outta France. Stand firm I&I Reggae Massive!

i&i reggae massive 2.jpg
Jah Youth
Vinyl Player
TyffAya Logo PNG.png

Tyffaya - Roots Nutty Roots
Tyffaya Sound aka Irifrica (Irish Africa). Reggae roots rub a dub and Virgin Island specialist! Describing my self as roots addicted, a roots collector & sound system lover.
Enjoy Roooots vibes on HearticalFM on WEDNESDAYS 19-21h. (every 2 weeks)
Rastawombman, binghi woman, mother, painter, yoggi my mission is helping to make a better world RASTA.

Blessed love

ta midnite.jpeg
Tyff Aya


As a youth growing up in North Carolins, U.S.A. I would DJ house parties and make mix tapes for friends, then in 1990, RIGHTEOUSNESS was awoken within me. From that time to now, InI have known that the problem of the world today is a lack of LOVE, TRUTH, and JUSTICE, therefor InI prescribe The Teachings of HIS MAJESTY and anyone chanting similar vibrations through the World Class Sounds of Roots Reggae through InI show called, The Roots Cypher. 

The Roots Cypher Show is for everyone, young, old, the unrighteous, those on a Forward Path to JAH, and those that only want to hear some Good Sounding Muzik, I welcome You All. 

WADADA (One LOVE) - Dr. Roots

Northern Lights

Greetings in the name of the Most High! 00imo, directly from Italy, to share some good vibes & chant down Babylon with music. I fell in Love with roots reggae music since I was 6: thanks daddy!
In 1999 I founded
Mama Alma Sound System with friends and that was the right way to share music, to travel around my country and to meet bredrens and sistrens with the same passion.
Stay tuned: RAINBOW COUNTRY, every 2 fridays, from 20 to 22h. (Italy time). United we stand, united we win. One Love

Rainbow County
Vinyl Player

Original Irie Describing myself as a vinyl collector, I've been addicted to reggae dub Music for many years now. The city of Toulouse, where I'm from, is also a hot spot for the sound system culture. Activist and enthusiastic about this scene, I started in radio as a guest under my alias Original Irie alongside local sound systems (Redline, Zongo). I have the strong wish to propose a unique sound immersion through a versatile selection : early reggae, 70s and 80s roots, rub a dub, dubwise. So on the third Wednesday of every month 6-8PM UK/19-21h. Fr. put on your skanking shoes and come share the vibe! ONE LOVE

Original Irie
kd Ital Banner.png

King David Growing up with a skateboard under my feet circling around our youth club where breakdance, graffiti & rap was prominent, I fell in love love with jamaican styles of music in my teenage days. I started collecting and djaying reggae about the age of 16, so let´s say around 1993. With holes in my shoes and not a penny in my pocket I started to set up King David Soundsystem in 1995. It has always been a work in progress system. I started with 500 Watts and played roughly 10k around 2010. I travelled to many places and met a lot of people. I really give thanks fort that amazing experience. Jah know! Living in Berlin since 2000 I´ve been an integral part of the local Reggae/Soundsystem scene until around 2012. Being the father of two sons I felt like I had to ease up a little and took a break from the scene.  Fortunately - as we all know that life goes in circles - my boys themselves are growing to be teenagers and I´m here to proudly present the Ital Breakfast Radioshow to heartical listeners & family 2nd Saturday each month. Tune in & stay blessed!                 Mixcloud

Ital Breakfast

Don Anxelmo was born in Madrid. At a very young age he discovered and started enjoying urban music in the neighborhood, at concerts and in autonomus collective centers, from rock to rap through reggae: Madrid doesn't have a beach but Jamaica is not that far away.

  He started out as a DJ playing the first five seconds of each song for his friends: there was so much good music, and so little time. Vinyl collector and eternal traveler, he likes learning from the past to develop the future. He currently collaborates with the San Nicasio radio program "Permítame que insista".  He has hosted the program "El Crisol" on Smradio, based in Athens for two sessions. He has also been finalist in the mixtape contest in the 27th edition of rototom Sunsplash festival.

Currently, Don Anxelmo and his Buenaventura focus on Ska, Reggae roots, dub and other tropical rhythms.


Don Anxelmo

funkymorrison takes us on a journey between the past and present of African reggae music. The awareness typical of Jamaican Rasta music in Africa has taken on an increasingly significant value over the years in the denunciation and struggle and still today there are many artists who make it the standard-bearer of the name of Jah Rastafari. However, today it is difficult to associate the lyrics and the themes, but above all also the music itself, from the Jamaican dancehall to the original Roots reggae of the 70s-80s. even in Mama Africa, today, it becomes difficult to combine “reggae” with the current rhythms and styles of the music produced in the different areas of the continent. Its musical relevance is in fact more its own than Afrobeat and the many musical labels coined to define the different genres between the various countries of the continent. In short, it is only a question of "labels" but in the end "music is music ..." and the important thing is that "when it plays you don't feel pain"

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African Vibes
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